Thursday  6/4/17

4.50 pm  Broncos v Roosters  N

Friday  7/4/17

9.00 am  F1 practice 1 from China

1.00 pm F1 practice 2 from China

2.35 pm  Hurricanes v Wararahs  S

3.00 pm  Knights v Bulldogs  N

4.50 pm  Panthers v Rabbitohs  N

4.50 pm  Sydney v Colingwoos  A

Saturday  8/4/17

10.45 am  N Melbourne v GWS  A

11.10 am  Richmond v WCE  A

11.00 am  F1 practice 3 from China

12.00 pm  Sea Eagles v Dragons  N

12.15 pm  Sunwolves v Bulls  S

1.35 pm  Geelong v Melbourne  A

2.00 pm  F1 Qualifying from China

2.30 pm  Titans v Raiders  N

2.35 pm  Highlanders v Blues  S

4.30 pm  Cowboys v Tigers  N

4.40 pm  Port Adelaide v Adelaide  A

4.40 pm  Freemantle v Bulldoge  A

4.45 pm  Brumbies v Reds  S

6.30 pm  Tottenham v Watord

8.05 pm  Sharks v Jaguars  S

9.00 pm  Man City v Hull

9.00 pm  Stoke v Liverpool

9.00 pm  Middlesbrough v Burnley

9.00 pm  West Ham v Swansea

10.15 pm  Stormers v Chiefs  S

10.35  pm  MotoGP Qualifying from Argentina

11.00 pm  The Grand National

11.30 pm  Bournemouth v Chelsea

Sunday  9/4/17

9.00 am  UFC coverage starts

10.10 am St Kilda v Brisbane  A

10.55 am  Warriors v Eels  N

12.20 pm  Carlton v Essendon  A

1.00 pm  F1 race from China

1.00 pm  Storm v Sharks  N

1.05 pm  Force v Kings  S

1.40 pm  GCS v Hawthorn  A

7.30 pm  Sunderland v Man United

10.00 pm  Toulon v Toulouse  U

10.00 pm  Everton v Leicester

11.00 pm  Moto 3 race from Argentina

12.20 am  Moto 2 race from Argentina

2.00 am  MotoGP race from Agentina



~ where there’s a clash most popular will be shown.

If you have any special requests for games you’d like to see, please get in touch… Including out of hours!